Other States

A further potential location is Atlanta, Georgia. The airport has the highest volume of passengers in the world and will be expanded in the next years. The surrounding projects mean great opportunities for real estate investors.

Also the Sunshine State Florida offers good opportunities. It is the most known and loved state and therefore many international investors are active in the Florida market. Especially Southern Florida, with the large city Miami, is very popular because of its strong growth of the young population, important harbours for import and export and of course the prestigious centers. Whereas big investors are focused on Miami, we are active in the area of Orlando with its multinational companies.

No matter in what area of the U.S.A. you are investing, competent partners with experience, networks and knowledge are vital to ensure a profitable long-term investment. With an average of 3.5% price growth in the last 37 years, the US real estate market offers the possibility to generate cash flow and also a high potential to resell the properties. In particular in areas where price growth is 4% to 6% p.a.