We offer you an outstanding investment opportunity: Direct investment in rental properties:

For example Baltimore! Ignored by many investors, this aspiring city near Washington D.C. offers huge investment return for real estate investors. If you look for

  • cost-effective real estate in an attractive tenant market (Ø 10%-30% below market value),
  • value stability and inflation protection through long-term appreciation (>Ø 4% p.a.),
  • independent of short-term fluctuations (even without rating risk through banks),
  • solid (pension) provision with gross return of 8%-16% p.a. and
  • tax advantages and asset protection

here you will find mid- and long-term opportunities. We offer you the big chance to invest in the U.S.A.

Our franchise model:

As a franchise partner, we help you during the whole process and we act by your instructions.

  • We found a real estate business in your name.
  • You get a business banking account with online access.
  • You capital is on your bank account and
  • you decide which real estate/tax liens you invest in.
  • You get investment proposals.
  • We are on site to find the right object for you out of thousands of real estate objects, all neccessary contacts for executing the investment and the facility management to ensure a successful and seamless transaction.
  • Every year, we organize 2 to 3 investor trips, where you can get on site impressions of the potential and the possibilities.

And what about a “armchair investment” … or a “real estate pension” … or “7 years and never ever program”?

Furthermore we offer the possibility to invest in tax liens. Tax liens are real estate secured bonds of delinquent property taxes which

  • have a interest of 6% to 36% p.a. which is regulated by law,
  • are secured 50 times (or more) of the investment capital,
  • have repayment periods of 6 months to 5 years and
  • are issued by the tax department of the counties.

As an investor, you help the state because you finance schools, teachers, fire department, hospitals etc.

As an investor, you help the owner of the property because they can not pay the property tax at the moment and the get time to tidy up their finances and keep their credit score.

As an investor, you help yourself because you get interest of 6% to 36% p.a. and in case that the property owner does not repay, you get the property free from encumbrances.

We can look back on years of experience and therefore recapped the following importent aspects to help you with your decision. Benefit from the advantages:

  • A real estate investment is a secure investment.
  • Investors can benefit from tax advantages.
  • Real estate investments stand for profitable returns.
  • A real estate investment is independent from short-term fluctuations.
  • In the long-term you can benefit from appreciation.
  • Real estate offers inflation protection.
  • Owner occupation is possible.

Starting with an investment capital of €10’000 we are offering a special investment opportunity from October 2018.