Why Maryland?

Maryland is a very interesting state. It is called “Little America” because it contains everything that you can find all over the U.S.A.

Maryland has a low unemployment rate caused by

  • Meadquarter of the government
  • Military bases and government organizations (Fort Meade, NSA, Andrews Air Force Base u.a.)
  • Health industry (NIH, Walter Reid, Johns Hopkins u.a.)
  • Universities (derzeit 55)
  • I270 corridor is also called the Silicon Valley of the East Ostens (genetic technology, biotechnology, IT u.a.)

Large cities like Baltimore (2,7 Millionen) and Washington D.C. (5,6 Millionen) with over 8 million inhabitants belong to Maryland. In the next 10 years, a strong growth is projected.

Maryland has very different regions regarding real estate:

  • High price segment – Talbot County (most waterfront properties in the U.S.A.), Montgomery County (connected to Washington D.C.)
  • Low to middle price segment – Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County
  • low price segment – Prince Georges County

Since many years we are invested in Baltimore (Maryland) and we want to offer this excellent investment opportunity for interested investors who want to profit from our experience, knowledge and network.

Baltimore is a good market for investors (buyers) for good real estate to historical low prices. Currently there are not enough investors to let prices rise. Due to strict rules for credit approval, many potential buyers don’t get credit to buy a house. So they are forced to rent.

“The tenant market in Baltimore is very active at the moment. Particularly demanded are are rental objects from young working families and also from students. For landlords the situation, which was always good, became excellent through rising demand. Many of my customers are investing in rental objects and they are successful.” – Statement of a local real estate agent

Baltimore has a good connection to Washington D.C., where living space is much more expensive. Also Baltimore hat a very large rental market with growing potential due to the extension of Fort Meade and the NSA. Baltimore has over 16 universitites with 55 faculties and is a very popular university city among students from all over the world. Johns Hopkins university, one of the 20 best universities in the world, is leading in the field of medicine and political science.

Furthermore it is interesting that the development of prices in the United States in the last 37 years was Ø 3,5% p.a. Whereas the development of prices in Baltimore was Ø 4,2% p.a. If you have a look at the appreciation since the financial crisis in 2007, Baltimore has a high potential to the upside until it reaches alignment of the whole market. An eldorado for professional and prospective investors.

Florida is one of the most attractiv tax liens state. Therefore we are also active in this state beside Maryland, Arizona, New Jersey and Georgia. The “Sunshine State” is known and loved worldwide. So international investors are engaged in this market.

For investors with investment capital more than $1 million we can realize “Tiny-Home-Projects”. There are prefabricated houses in small communities. They are especially popular among companies that make it available to their staff.